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What is Parkindale Productions?


Parkindale Productions is owned by Derrick Beardsworth and his wife Ashton.


Our mission is to advance music, art and culture in New Brunswick by supporting and showcasing emerging and established artists and by building appreciation and the audience for local talent. 


A growing name in the Atlantic music industry and winner of several industry awards, Parkindale Productions is probably best known for its small halls, Shepody House in Dorchester, established in 2015 and winner of Music NB’s Venue of the Year 2018, and 2017 Music venue of the year Parkindale Hall, circa 2008. 


We offer an eclectic range of entertainment from blues to rock, country, folk, jazz, bluegrass, alternative, and music from different cultures, that brings audiences back time and time again to its small halls.


Not everybody knows but we also offer a wide array of services to emerging and established artists from booking live performances to a recording studio, audio and video production, agent and management services, workshops and retreats, and everything in between, including its own record label. It also sells performers, and it's own, merchandise such as CDs, albums, t-shirts, hats, etc.  


At the end of the day, we are just doing our part to keep live music alive!

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